Old yz80 help?

Anyone know much about a 1984 yz80, I picked one up for my girlfriend that needed a rebuild but had compression.. well the transmission ended up being rusted solid, and the water pump seal is destroyed, not a ton of cheap options.. I've read lots of misleading information on what is transferable between the years, right now my question is with the tranny, does anything from 1980-92 work? Or is it 84-92? Or 83-85.. no one is giving a definitive answer.. I saw a good set for an 85? Will that work? Another one for an 81? And there was a really good deal on a 94? Looks the same, but will it fit?? I love Yamaha road bikes.. but this is the second Yamaha dirt bike I've had, and so far both have been nothing but headaches..

Well I was hoping to get more replies on this, am I in the wrong section? Well my question has changed, I now have the option to get an entire yz80 bottom end in good condition, but it for a 1998 model, if I were to get this, does my cylinder and piston just bolt on? Or would I need a new one? And does it just bolt into the frame? Or is it all different, also it doesn't have a clutch or anything, does mine fit in?

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