Carb help

I have a ktm 250 exc. gas is spitting out of the lines when the bike is off, it's bogs sometime when giving throttle, and I have noticed a power loss. Could this be cause by a carb overflow?

Check the float valve & the seat in where it is seated,clean it out with brake cleaner & compressed air,check the rubber tip of the float valve for grooves,if the grooves are deep enough it wont seal up into the seat,replace it.check your float height is set correctly with a manual.

Check that the float valve moves freely inside the seat.

Will do thanks


i know this is a little off topic but help me please


I have a similar problem i bought a 2006 klx 125 a while back (maybe 2 or 3 months) it was wrecked pretty bad exhaust and mount broken off i have repaired it and re attached the exhaust making the overall exhaust shorter and custom mounting it upside down and it ran like a little beast started first or second kick. but i let it sit for 3 days now it wont start. it leaks gas out the overflow tube ONLY when being kicked. i drained the gas put fresh in, changed the spark plug, checked valve clearances, cleaned and recleaned the carb. adjusted the float shut off rubber needle thing (and it helped a little with the gas leaking). and checked and cleaned the air filter. im going to try to check timing chain slack. it will start but has to be pushed down a hill and play with the throttle till it goes. even when warm it wont start it runs once started but wont high rev and cuts out. i am at a loss im trying to fix it up for my little brother i got a new tire for it and fixed the clutch i dont know whats up with it it seems to be flooding and gets to lean or something at higher RPM. it never really idled only when cold did it idle i run only premium and do regular oil changes. i did run some 2 stroke gas about 50:1 ratio (1996 RM 250 blew up :*(    ) Thank you for reading and i appreciate the help. 

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