Which year heads will fit 05 YZ250F?

As per the title, which year heads will fit an 05 YZ250F? 

A mate ran his bike out of oil and killed the cam bearings  :banghead:


Also if anyone has one they would like to sell could they please PM me



I think 05-09 will fit but to be safe I'd go to Yamaha's website and get the head part number, then compare that to other years numbers. I'd do it for you but a phone isn't the easiest thing to navigate the internet on :lol:

01-13 will

according to the forum faq you will need to match the piston to the head

The combustion chamber shape was changed in 05. The piston was changed to match the combustion chamber shape. If you use an 01-04 head then you should use the 01-04 piston to match. You can use an 05-09 head with the 05 piston without issue. 05 is a stand-alone part number because Yamaha changed the way that the intake spout mounted to the head for 06, but other than this the head is the same from 05-09. For 2010 Yamaha changed the motor mount position, so it would be difficult to mount a 2010-up head on your bike, though it will still bolt to the cylinder.

10 - 13 Will not fit. Will bolt to the engine but not the frame. Found this out the hard way on friends a bike. So if anyone needs a very low hour head for a 10-13 I know we're you can get one.

legends. So 01-09 will fit no issues as long as the respective piston is used? 



Yes, but 05-09 has better designed ports and combustion chamber, so I would stick with that personally. With the 05-09 heads you can also use an 08 OEM piston and boost your compression ratio cheap if you wanted to.

Thanks mate. I picked up an earlier head for substantially less so that will have to do. 


One last question, are the intake cams between WRF and YZF different (profile)? I seem to remember reading it was only the exhaust. 


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