Hi guys i really need some help, it was time for a fork seal/bushing change and i took the forks apart and under the top fork cap there is a bit of rubber and on one fork it is broken in 3 pieces and i cant find them for a decent price they are $37 a piece from my local dealer and anywhere from 6-15 each online but with 40-70 postage and there is none on ebay and im wondering if there is any interchangeable parts that i can get oem part number is 5DH-23195-L0-00 and it is number 15,35 in the following diagram and if all end badly what is its role? and would it be okay without it?





That's the bumper stop.  The older forks used those for bottoming control instead of the hydraulic braking in the newer ones.  If it's beat up, it's because you run up against them, so yes, you need one on both sides, lest you batter your internals to death as you ride along.

Just picked up some new ones about ten mins ago

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