Buy off road oriented bike? or do suspension on my kx450?


I race mostly harescrambles try n ride alot of trails and occassionaly hit the track. I recently moved up to b class in the harescrambles and after the c class race these courses are just so much rougher and the big kawi is beating me up. Thinking about selling my bike getting a more off road oriented bike or should i keep it and do the suspension on the kawi???


keep in mind theres nothing else i dont like about my bike besides the suspension beating me up. Just wanna hear some of your guys opinion on what you would do and why

Send it out to precision concepts and theyll know what to

Ditto on getting the suspension done  ----- Precision Concepts definitely has KX experience ,  and likely wouldn't do ya wrong at all


 My recommend would be  Factory Connection is right around the corner from you in New Hampshire ,  ask for Zac if you call 'em  - he is very familiar with the needs of the Northeast racing scene


There are likely many others outside of the 2 mentioned that could get your stuff smoothed out too --- but suspension companies seem to be like tire or handlebar brands - everybody has a favorite





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