00 YZ250 Clutch

Hey guys,


Finally got my top and bottom end rebuild done. I was doing an easier break in ride and worked up to really getting on the pipe. First time I hit it hard the clutch got mushy and is now stuck disengaged. Clutch was reassembled according to the manual. Any ideas on this? Time is short, I may open it up tonight though. Just trying to get some ideas. 

The tranny shifts fine, the clutch is just disengaged and the cable feels whole, just slack. Cable could be stuck, or I guess it could be in the push rod or actuator. You tell me. 


open it up....

Does anyone have an 00 here? I need a pic of a correctly positioned clutch acutator. My memory sucks and i'm not sure if mine is right or has slipped. The guys I was working with pulled it out and I didn't pay a bit of attention to it when they put it back in. 


Thank you on an extremely long shot. Nothing like having an awkwardly aged bike. Not vintage or new enough to be really important to anybody.

'00 isn't really that old. Same engine that's being used today. You just haven't given us much to go on. How about you send us a pic of your possibly incorrect clutch arm, and then we give you some feedback on if we think that's the issue.


Tough perspective but I thought I remembered this actuator being more or less parallel with the ground when relaxed rather than 45'd up the way that it is.

Yes, from the looks of that photo, something is wrong internally. There's not enough movement left from the position it's currently sitting in before the cable end runs into the cable housing. Tear into it.

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