not spray as in talk about all the things you woulda ridden if y'all didn't have a million excuse....


but spray as in PAINTBALL!


if anyone out there has their own paintball guns and gear then come on out and join us... we'll be riding from my house to the boulderfield and meeting the guys with eazy-ups and coolers....



Alll I got is  BB gun.


BTW who is the homeless lookin guy on top of the Unimog or whatever it is??  :ph34r:


Hope all is well with you Kev!

Edited by Speed-Freek

He's not homeless...  thats a modern day hippie...  just dont see them around as much these days. hump.gif

no comments on video... surprising... riding tomorrow... maybe just back and forth across sunfair to the junkyard for some small parts... plated xr400 rockin again!

bump this, didnt watch your video, check that 

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