Suzuki Ltr upgrade questions.

So I was finally able to find an ltr and now it's time for some upgrades. I was able to get an 06 for $2500 and it bone stock with low hours and one owner. I'm doing the shift pin relocater first w/ Hinson clutch and cover. Next part will be for the power. It has the cherry bomb but I want to get a controller, exhaust, intake&exhaust cams, and a free flowing intake. Any ideas on what works best with what? As far as exhaust I've heard great things about yoshimura, but I'm open to FMF, HMF, Rossier, and moto works. Any input is appreciated as this is my first quad. I've had bikes forever so I can do my own engine work. Also having frame powder coated electric yellow and buying black plastics. Looking for other mods too.

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