Clutch lever irregular feeling

Last day, The clutch feel like sleeping for a 4 laps heat, I reajust the lever but now, the feel in the lever is like irregular, like notchy.


Oil only have 4 hours, clutch 15 hours and the trouble isn't the cable or the lever


My bike had 125 hours and the outer and inner basket get some notch but I ever see some more notched going well



Some sudgestion ?

Did you swap to the 2009 cable/lever arrangement? I think you had posted in my thread about it.


I had the same kind of problem and it was 100% the stock cable routing, IMO if you have aftermarket exhaust it will cook the cable in no time.



Could also be a notched basket, worn plates, sheared oil, etc.


Depending on how/where you ride, 4 hours might have cooked the oil already.


Some guys take out the judder spring and put in a stock plate for better clutch feel but I don't think that it makes the clutch feel "notchy" 

I didn't change the cable/lever arrangement and ,y bike didn't have a jugger spring, only appear in the 2011 2F

It's the cable, disconnect it and try and push-pull it from the engine side you will notice a lot of resistance.

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