Blown this head fixable?

So I blew my engine the other week, connecting rod broke apart from the piston.. the cylinder is damaged pretty sure beyond repair had a bunch of gouges all over it and the piston is stuck inside it. exhaust cam lobe is bent, valve lifter cracked and 1 exhaust valve dropped.


I took some pictures of the head where there is damage but it is really hard to see. The top where the lifter was damaged has gouging from what i can see. The bottom has a flat spot. Not sure if a shop can fix this or not. I am in Japan and don't want to ship something to the states just for them to say its not fixable.  


Plan is to have my local guy do the bottom end, and since the cylinder if shot a 290 kit seems pretty good. The head is what i am worried about. 





I think millennium technologies fixes heads like that. I would ask them. Check the cam caps to make sure they didn't break.

i would also say engine dynamics.


however i am smart enough to read and see that you are in japan.  so i wont recommned anybody here in the states.


yes it can be fixed by someone with the proper skills.  its not junk

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