Check out this YZ250


Hey guys i hope that link works. I just sold my KDX 200 for R15 000 (Rand) and im looking to get another bike. Im more of a 2 stroke guy and i was wanting to get a 250 2T but thought id maybe go for a 250F just for a change.  Havent had much luck finding one for the right price.


I found this 99 YZ 250 for R 10 000 negotiable. Its a bit rough. water pump seals are leaking and it possibly has crank seal probs. How much trouble am i getting myself into? Shot  :sa:

How much is R 10000?? With those issues I wouldn't pay more than $700 USD.

Like 1000$ i think 

Decided not to get it. Bit of a dump and resale value wont be good even if its fixed 

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