Looking to buy a PA speaker for CB

Got a cb in my truck cobra 19 III and it has a pa option im looking to use. So couple things I was wondering, what would be a good pa speaker to use because the cb only puts out a limited amount of power. I was looking at this one http://www.daleproaudio.com/p-6423-speco-aspc20-weatherproof-amplified-20-watt-pa-speaker.aspx?gclid=CMXMwLaouroCFZSk4AodSQkAjQ


also where could I put it on an 02 f150 and if there are any better options as far as pa speakers go 


thanks for your answers.


Most are not amplified, jsut 8 ohm PA speaker, much less $$$ too. That one would certainly work, as for room, open the hood, (you would be a better judge of that having said truck in your driveway and PA dimensions)  and look. Just make sure its not pointing upward to catch/hold debris and water.

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