Aloop or original

What do you think? I bought it with the Aloop tank and seat on it but have the OEM gear. What do you think?



I think you should sell me your aloop kit lol. I think they look horn with the kit on them.

Well I have 3 xrs with the Aloop kit Looks hot,but its only good for day rides.small seat tank.Great for woods riding or hard trails.My other bikes big tanks big seats great for long 3-5 day rides where you need more gas more comfort.BTR

Let function decide. What you're going to be doing with it. Needed fuel capacity for what you're doing is the biggest consideration. There are guys here that would give a premium price for the kit if you wanted to sell it, as it is very tough to find.

I will be just doing some trail riding so I believe I'm going to stay with the a loop it does look pretty mean on there. When I bought the bike it was on there but he also gave me the seat its in perfect condition and the original tank I have put the original rear fender on because of the tail light all in all the bike looks pretty good from strong its a tractor

Keep the aloop.Bike handles better ith it and fuel range is still pretty good.


Have one sitting here.PM if interested.

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