wr400 help

So I recently acquired a wr400

Has a full DG exhaust, but other then that it is supposed to be stock

Its hard starting, its about 50℉ in Michigan right now.

And when I do start it, it doesn't like to idle even after its warmed up, its also a bit sluggish like the throttle response isn't there

The guy said it sat for a few months, so my plan is to pull the carb and clean it

Also I'm wondering if whoever piped it didn't jet it correctly?

So I'm wondering what are the stock jet sizes and what size should I go too?

Any other input would be great

Thought I would share a pic


Go to the WR400/426/450 forum and read the pinned posts and FAQ section for all your answers.

some might say don't waste your time on that carb get a newer yz450 carb

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