ttr 50 made in china?

Just picked up a 08 ttr 50 for 500 bucks and noticed on the left case behind the shift lever their are the words "made in china" also the gear pattern is stamped there. "Yamaha" all over the engine as well. Any one with another ttr 50 have that on their cases or did I get screwed?

Well I guess it is manufactured in china by yamaha so I didn't get screwed, but maybe 500 was more than I should've paid. Not that big a deal so whatever. 


If you plan to get a 50 then beware, yamaha made there's in china. Not saying it's junk yet. Just made where crap comes from.

all the small bikes have been outsourced for years to Vietnam, China and other Asian countries.


Funny you say "just made where crap comes from".  You wear a neck brace like a Leatte?  Pretty popular item that has saved many people neck - literally.  Guess where it is made? 


bottom line, find a better argument then made in china.  it all comes down to quality control no matter where it is made. 

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