stm clutch

Anybody tried an stm slipper clutch on a 13 crf, or any info about them good or bad??

It eliminates engine braking,  helping suspension work better, but, no engine braking. 

Had an 06 with one & didn't have any issues with it & also seemed like a solid product.   It eliminates the engine braking as Krannie pointed out.   

I have an 09 and a different brand of clutch an adige.

The adige has better features.

But as far as getting rid of engine braking its Awsome if you just converted and need some of that 2t feel back :)

The adige is similar to an stm in use but the adige uses only tiny springs and uses engine torque instead of the springs to lock the clutch pack. It's trick and it means a pinky lever pull :)

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