94 cr 250 eating rear wheel bearings

ok so i changed the wheel bearings in my cr because the break side blew right out. the hub was messed up a little  but i cleaned it up a little to take the bur out and the bearing went in kind of easy but i thought it would be ok. i put it all back together and rode it for like 1 hr then i noticed it was blown out again. when i wen to take it back apart the axle was lose so i thought thats what did it so i got an old bearing that was still good and put it in and made sure it was tight this time then tooke it for like a 1/2 hour  and it did it again and again when i went to take it apart the axle was lose so i think it is just loosing up and doing that to the bearing or could it be because my hub is too messed up ?

Any missing parts? 

Are you making sure to install axel collar (spacer) between the bearing in the hub.

Note: make sure it is not to short. It should be the the same length as the bearings are spaced apart. If it is too short th bearngs will side loaded as you tighten the axel nut.

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not that i can tell

i dont have #9 on that link u gave me would that matter 

i dont have #9 on that link u gave me would that matter

Yeah, it kinda matters. That piece of metal tube keeps the bearings from collapsing when you tighten the axle nut.

i dont have #9 on that link u gave me would that matter 


I think you just found your problem.  :)

so that could be my problem ?

heck yes... :naughty:

ok ill look for one 

would the bearings still go in and stop if i did not have that or would they just go all the way through because mine go in and stop where they should be? i am sorry for all the stupid question i just got into bike i always had quads :)

i am trying to figure out if it is in there and just stuck or if it does not have it 

yes you must have it. if not, you are going to keep messing bearings up.


your bearings set against a lip in the hub, so no they will not go through.

remove your wheel, check the hole where the axle goes. is it the same diameter as the axle the whole way through?

if not, buy #9, new bearings, a manual and a few beers.

ok i have it apart and i dont think it is the same as the axle all the way through ill go look quick 

i am pretty sure it is not in there ill get a pic of it tomorrow  

here is my cr and my buddy's 99 kx1385862_584997114870380_1917477993_n.jpg

Cool picture, but not quite detailed enough to see if the collar is still there.


Maybe if you zoomed in a little on the rear wheel. :)

That KX is a 97 or 98

I put the tube from my buddy's spare kx wheel and put lock tight on the axle nut and I rode it for like 4 hrs and it seems to be ok now :) !

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