Riding on west coast florida?!


I am moving to florida very soon and i race harescrambles, moto, basically anything going on that weekend. Im gonna be living in venice florida for some time. is there woods riding around that way??

Your best bet would be to look up Florida Trail Riders. They have groups all over the state. You also have Croome in Brooksville i think and a few MX tracks in the area.

Yeah I just moved down here and live in Zephyrhills.  Sucks though cuz if you have a used bike with no title you cant register it and cant ride at off road parks so im relegated to riding only mx.  I bought my bike in NC which doesn't require a title when I lived there and in florida you need a title to get a registration to sticker to ride offroad. Kinda sucks.

jmicm13 call Croom and talk to them about the title issue.  My son has a bike w/o title, just a bill of sale and I had no problem getting a dept. of forestry sticker so he could ride with me at Croom.

Good luck.........

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