KTM 03-04 380 motor in a 2012 300XCW frame

Does anyone know if the cases of the 03-04 have the same mount points and swingarm pivot as the 2012-13, I would like to put the 380 motor in 2012 300XCW frame. I know this is going to be an even crazy question but, will the crank assembly out of the 03-03 380 fit in the 2011-13 cases and the cylinder fit on the 11-13 cases.

If it is a 380 motor it has to be between 98-02. The mounts are in a different location than the 12 motor. A friend has done this but the rear motor mount has to be bored out from a 15mm to a 17mm. Then the other mounts need to be cut off the frame and relocated. The grunt chamber will need to be removed and KTM makes a block off plate for it. It take some work  to get it to work but it can be done.   Good Luck

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