Electrical gremlins

I'm having an electrical gremlin. 2007 DRZ400SM




Trouble starting the bike, will not turn over(Headlight still works). This is intermittent. Sometimes it starts just fine. Definitely electrical related as when it's not working I can try a couple of push starts and it'll either start that way or the ignition button will magically start working.

Once started, the headlight/taillight will intermittently dim. More noticeable on high beam.



I haven't checked anything yet. I'm waiting on some new parts at the moment and will check the connections when I have the bike apart putting on the new parts. (Taillight, blinkers, etc. Not related to my electrical issues)



History of the bike is unknown, the previous owner put a combo taillight/blinker lightbar that sucks pretty bad so I'm changing all that out. Also has a Trailtech Vapor, which I'm sure is wired poorly. (This will be rectified when I get to that area)




What do you think? Battery? Bad connection? Starter? Ground? Got any suggestions for when I finally get around to checking the issue out?

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I'm thinking the starter switch is dirty but also check your charging circuit too( check the FAQ's)

Yeah, actually nevermind. I just realized I'll probably cure whatever it is when I go through the bikes wiring & connections & replace the battery. Thanks for the quick reply!


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The head light and tail light are on different circuits, so if they both dim at the same time, I suspect some wire connection between the ignition switch and the battery.  Prime suspects are the battery terminal connections, the fuse holder or the single contact connector in the red wire between the battery and the fuse holder.

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