shift fork changed and still

having a problem with 5th gear. i completely did the work on the bike. i changed the shift fork that was bent and worn. i checked all dogs and they look all in good condition. no marks or damage to them. any ideas? maybe the shift cam??? let me know

What is the problem?

5th gear is its popping in and out of gear. or like the clutch is slipping

Well, is 5th popping in & out of gear? Or is your clutch slipping? These are two very different problems and require two different fixes.

I had this issue on my 250f, I chased it for a year. New gears, dogs, drum etc.  The final solution was placing a washer shim between 1st gear on the main shaft, and the 5th gear on the main shaft.  This pushed the gear closer to the 3rd gear with the dogs just enough engage the gear more.


In the picture below you place the shim between part#1 and #3.  I dent remember exactly, but it may have been part #10 that i used as the spacer, i remember grinding down the ID of the washer to make it fit.


Start with a fresh part #3 and #6, any little rounding of the dog will cause issues.


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it is popping in and out of 5th gear. thanks for all the advice im going to start replacing parts

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