2008-10-12 rmz changes, upgrades

I've had an 08 and 09 which are essentially the same bikes. I've read up on the changes in 2010 to the throttle body, cams and frame. I'm curious as to whether the changes from the 08s make the 10s and newer that much better. Does anyone remember if the handling was noticeable?

If there is a difference, handling is the only place I could see it.


I have a 2009 that has 106 hours on it. It is STILL absolutely more than I can handle.

The throttle body they changed the way the butterfly opens. It helped throttle resonse and stalling. Ecu was updated. The headstay changed by 10mm in 2010. Just like the changes in 13- these are all refinements to make a better bike- handling, power, etc. A well setup 08 or 09 is just as good. However, a new bike is..new. A 6 year old bike with good amount of hours will not be like a fresh new bike.

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