A little AZ riding

Dang can't get the video to down load...here's a couple pics though



sweet. is that the bike you can ride wheelies every gear ?  :smirk:

As a matter of fact Harry it is hahaha, are we starting this debate again?...I will get vids of that at some point so smirk yourself hahaha

This what we do out west instead of powder coating nipples and plastic coating rims.

I wish I could get the video up its a small little technical loop I like practice on...it includes a 4 foot ledge drop ya gotta negotiate with no run at it that drops into sand then right turn up the wash I'm coming our of in the pic...really fun first gear stuff love the flywheel weight in this stuff

Edited by slaydirt

Where is that at?

Down here at the boarder in Sierra vista

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