2003 yz 125 temporary gas tank fix?

Is there a way to seal my gastank leak for just temporary ? It's on top close to the cap. Cap is not leaking

I have been running a cracked gas tank all year. Mine is leaking near the mount to the frame, held about a gallon without leaking.


My solution was to use yamabond, non hardening gray color. 

Scuff then clean with brake cleaner or lacquer thinner, apply and let dry for 24 hours. That lasted 2 rides in a stress area.  


For a much better fix I let the tank dry out for a few days, and then used a soldering iron to melt the plastic together. On top of that I put the yamabond.  


2 lite coats of yamabond works better than 1 heavy coat.


If you have access to a plastic welder, that with yamabond should all but be a permanent fix. 

Where I can get yamabond? I'm just tired of gas leaking on my balls lol. I was just looking for something that would last for a ride or two because I'm going to just buy a new tank

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