Anyone local in So Cal do their own xr650r suspension revalve ?

Hey guys,

I recently picked up a XR650R and would like to service the suspension. I live in Huntington Beach. I've never serviced my own motorcycle suspension but I am an automotive technician. I would like to re-valve accordingly while its all taken apart for service. If there is anyone local that can show me ? that would be great !


Thanks for your time

well if you dont find anyone local to help out take it to bob bell  precision concepts in riverside, theyre great people and get it done perfect

While it's not person to person, this website has good . I used the info to revalve my forks, very happy with them.

I will probably just try the Borynack revalve. Precision Concepts quoted me $960. That is ridiculous !

Im in HB too on beach and talbert. Three blocks down from Honda . I have a 600. Not as familiar with the 650r but holla at me if youre ever stumped. I know bikes pretty well and have some tools.

I say dive in and learn. Good luck

Finally got the suspension done. Also installed a rewound BD stator. Hopefully I will get a chance to take it out this weekend locally. Cant wait to try it out !!!

What your weight, and what set up did you use?

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