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OK, just want a little feedback. I have a MT43 on my Beta 300 and it works great with low pressure and the tubliss set up around here, Walker etc, but planning to ride Mattawa soon and want to spoon on a Dunlop AT81 desert for some added knobby fun. My problem is what size. 110/100 18 or 120/90 18. Which would you prefer and why. 

Don't have any answer regarding size but I can report that the AT81 is super kick butt. I have the 120 rear on my Husky TXC250 and it was simply amazing in the sand dunes and steep rocky slippery hill climbs at Mattawa. Others riders in my pack they bought AT81 immediately after that ride lol.

Then I rode Walker Valley, the place I ride the most. Best traction I have ever had there.

I'm not a fast or high skills rider but I sure advanced my ride with this tire. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Can't go wrong with the stock size. 

Dunlop MX11. 120 for more footprint in the sand. lol

Truly, I have no idea Tom. Im just going to run my MX31s. We'll see how they work.

The mt43 does remarkably well at Mattawa fyi.




The mt43 does remarkably well at Mattawa fyi.




I have no doubt the MT43 would work great, it always suprises me. I'm going to go ahead and try a 120/90x18 Dunlop AT81 2 ply. Should be plenty tough with some slime and tubliss. Too lazy to wrestle that 4 ply desert tire since the MT43 will probably get spooned back on for Walker winter fun.

I'm running that AT81 right now , not by choice...they threw it on for me in a pinch. I have had it on about 10 rides over maybe 2 months and it is holding up surprisingly well. It hooks up pretty good too. My rear tire of choice is usually an m404 but this at81 did pretty good. I run a 110/100/18 for east coast single track. It lays over a little quicker, I dont ride desert but maybe the desert guys would say a 120 for more traction...not sure

Run the 110 at 2-3 psi with the tubliss. I run the tubliss system with an MT43 at 4-5 psi in the summer and a knobby at 2 psi in the winter here in the PNW. The stiffer sidewalls of the knobby with 2 psi and the tubliss is just awesome for our winters here.

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I use the IRC M5B 140/80-18 in the sand/soft stuff. Next best thing to a paddle or MX11. 


I'd go with the fattest tire so I'd have zero traction problems. YMMV

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I wanna try one of those 4ply AT81 RC or whatever they call it....I wonder how it fares up here

I run the Motoz Tractionator Desert IT. In the desert I run full pressure. On the wetside I run 1.5 to 3psi with a Tubliss setup. It works amazingly well for both applications.

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I wanna try one of those 4ply AT81 RC or whatever they call it....I wonder how it fares up here


This will be my next rear tire. Jeff from Nuetech (the makers of the tubliss system) recommends it to ward off tire punctures.

Ill be using the at81 120/90 18 in the 2 ply version with tubliss and low pressure this time and see how it holds up. I did put a 737desert IT on my 200exc and can run it at 0 psi with the tubliss no problem. At 2-3 psi it worked and felt great. 0 psi felt too dead but wow, the traction was crazy good.

If your talking the event at mattawa (down the road really) if the sand has any moisture at all or froze a trials will be fine. Have run both there and the TT surprised me and think my little 250 pulled it better than the big sand tire I tried.   Now mattawa, where guys just go ride the canyon's, anything works. More ruts and rocks than sand washes.

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