mrs raptor clutch

i was wondering what your opinions were on this, does it make a signifigant difference in clutch pull ease, and is it hard to setuo the right amount of play, can it be adjusted on the trail, i would like a hebo hydralic but dont have the money right now, thanks


I thought sure you'd get a response by now. You could do a search on this board for "Raptor" and find some good info. Here's my experience. I'm using a Fly Racing lever. It's so similar to the Raptor that they're in litigation with MSR due to it being almost an exact copy. I really like mine. It's supposed to reduce pull effort by some 30%. I don't know if that's true but, it's significantly better than the stock lever. I use two fingers easily, in fact I cut off the ball end that way I can fully actuate it without pinching any fingers under the lever. Mine was $20.00 but I think the Raptor is more like $30.00. I'd say it's worth it. Clean and lube your cable while you got it apart, that helps a lot too.

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Got the MSR Raptor perch/lever last Friday, and rode yesterday with it up at Tower City.

I like it, it is easier to pull and you can adjust it on the trail. It doesn't need tools to adjust, and it seemed easy to get the right amount of play.

$33 from Rocky Mountain


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