2005 crf250 triple clamp swap question?

i have set of 2005 crf250r triple clamps will they fit into my 2005 cr125??

  the reason i ask is i have set of these clamps i plan to polish down to get anodized for my 125 and swap them when there done with no loss of any  time, also for all you michigan guys theres a place in redford right off I96 that anodizes $100 minimum and that will get quite a bit done for you,

 (mc nichols polishing/anodizing) 

same clamps

Awesome thanks, also is it possible to anodize a head? Any thoughts?

a cylinder head?  yes but you must remove all the guides and if you have aftermarket seats, probably not.  the anodizing process will destroy steel


the cylinder head cover yes you can. 

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