2013 KTM 300 Stator

50 Hours on the bike and I think the stator quit on me, along with the coil. Coil is reading no resitance or cotinutity, from eithier primary or secondary.


My stator is reading 4.5 OHMs does anyone know the resitence range for the stator on a 2013 KTM 300XC?

I don't know that number. If you find out your stator has went bad, I have the Trail Tech stator, the one that puts out 100 watts at idle. It's powering grip heaters and a head light no prob. I think any coil , stator or motor winding is gonna read close to no resistance , I think it only has resistance when spinning or reactance I think they call it...it's been a while. Good luck with it man.

Yeah I have a repair manual for 2011 300XC's and it says OHMS should be somewhere between 12 and 19 OHMs.


I am reading about 4.3 OHMS I just want to make sure this is the correct range.

No idea about the values. But keep in mind its not uncommon for a stator to spike when it starts to shit the bed. Over time this can wipe out the CDI box.


Is the dealer gonna give you a break on parts with how new the bike is? If not I'd start simple. Do you know any one with a working 2013?

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