How much should I sell my bike for?

I have a 2005 crf250r and I am going to sell it and I am wondering what I should sell it for. It has the following extras:

-Zeta clutch lever

-Zeta hot start

-Zeta brake lever

-Pro taper handle bar

-Rental racing sprocket

-Moose racing case saver

-N style seat

-Cycra front fender

-N style graphics

-Leo Vince sprocket cover

-Bills exhaust pipe and head pipe

The Kelley blue book value with stock parts is $2,215. Please tell me a reasonable price to sell it for on craigslist.ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1383020745.983722.jpg

Check craigslist and see what similar bikes are selling for in your area.  Different markets will have different values.  Also make note of how long bikes have been listed at their asking price.  

That kbb price is not unreasonable but y would have to be very patient. Im looking for that year range crf250 for my daughter and have found 08's for around 2000 and 06's as low as 1700 asking and yes they were nice looking bikes. Of course thats here in the South. Wouldve already bought one but gotta wait till my 02 yz250 sells

That's a pretty clean bike man. If you think it's a good solid bike. Sell it for 22. To be honest though, if you waited until spring you could probably get 25. Just saying. It's a buyers market from October-February.

wow is it really worth that much. i have a 450 one year older with tons of $$$ into it and recent head with stainless valves doubt I could get over $2k on a good day.

I sold my 05 last year and it was pretty clean got 27 for it no questions asked. I actually sold it the 3rd day it was on cl. Very sad to see it go.

paid 2100 for mine 2 years ago. must be dat inflation

Huge differences in demand/ price are heavily influenced by the local economy.  California ( tough economy), Texas ( not so much). Price is determined by whatever someone is willing to pay.




id say its worth 1700. thats what there worth around me atleast

$2000 or so.



IMO, aftermarket parts detract from an older used bike, people want to see original, barely ridden, etc.


That's why I keep all my original perfect condition parts and swap them back on the bike before selling it. It's always easy to sell the "Upgrades" on ebay.

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