What bike for my friend?

Just went on a ride with a large group of friends, and one of them wants a better bike. She's currently on a klx125, and we were riding a lot of fire road stuff so she was getting left in the dust (was a mixed group of bikes, a few drz400e's cr125 xr200 etc etc) and was complaining about it.

She's about 5'5" and maybe 100lbs?

Price limit of like 1300, and preferably not a 2 stroke. Limit the weight to under 220lbs probably.

Not going to get much with that budget and that weight that isn't a 2 stroke.  

i dont know what area youre in, but with that money in my area you can get a xr200, ttr225, choke up a few hundred and you can get a ttr230 or crf230

an xr200 is well in your $$ limit but 15 pounds more (235)

225's are about 1k and 230's are usually about 1600, but aren't the 225's pigs?

but aren't the 225's pigs?

Yep.....Yamaha lists their 230 with a wet weight of 251 lbs.  Older versions won't be much different.  CRF 230 is a couple of pounds lighter.  An XR 200 or similar probably won't be a whole lot different in weight either.  

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