save of the day

:jawdrop:  Wow, I guess so. On landing ...face into bars, hands completely off from impact to rebound and back down again, and still rode out of it. I bet he didn't run right round the track and try it again. Should change his name to Lucky.

Good save .,, for sure

If only he had a gopro...

I am guessing he got up the next morning a little slow... looked painful.

 Not sure but even if he made the small landing it looked like it still would have hurt. Kinda would have been a large step down. Props for the having the balls to try it.

That had misery written all over it!

Keeps taking me to my Facebook newsfeed! Got a different link?

i was there 2 weeks ago, that is a seriously ballsy thing to be trying. what the video doesnt show is that jump is actually slightly up hill.


amazing save and really really lucky!

Keeps taking me to my Facebook newsfeed! Got a different link?


On mobile its doing the same to me. On a computer it's fine though.

That guy is awesome for going for that, not sure many pros would try to land on the small back side of that roller.  Wicked f'n huge bawls!!!



Holy crap. Like the dude wasn't slow, but def. should have been going through that turn a bit faster. I think he would have made it then. 

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