Upgrade EXC 400 2011 water pump

Hi all,

I own a 400 EXC 2011, mostly i ride in desert and therefore I want to upgrade my original water pump.

I cannot find a water pump kit that fits my bike, can anyone direct me to the correct product?





Hi  hezzdown,

thanks for the reply.

this is my water pump part numbers, will this product: http://www.ktm-parts...ml#.Um-tiunn_cc, fit?

1    7803505200015    WATER    PUMP    COVER    GREY    1
2    78035053000    GASKET    WAPU-COVER    08    1
3    0587060002    HH    CAP    NUT    DIN1587-M    6    SS.    1
4    77335055100    WATER-PUMP    WHEEL    07    1
5    0760102455    SHAFT    SEAL    RING    10X24X5,5    1
6    0760102440    SHAFT    SEAL    RING    10X24X4    1
7    78035054110    SPACER    SHIM    1
8    0625060001    BALL    BEARING    6000/C3    1
9    78035054001    DRIVE    WHEEL    WAPU    PLASTIC    MAT.    1
10    0402032180    NEEDLE    ROLLER    DIN5402    3X21,8    1
11    78035054100    WATER    PUMP    SHAFT    1
12    0471140100    LOCK    WASHER    DIN0471-14X1    1
15    0025060256    HH    COLLAR    SCREW    M6X25    TX30    3
16    0025060556    HH    COLLAR    SCREW    M6X55    TX30    1
17    0603061001    CU-SEAL    RING    DIN7603    -6X10X1    1




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They claim it fits your bike. I know it doesn't say for the 400 in the product title but it you look below at the bottom it says it does. You could always call or email to verify. I'm pretty sure the 400 and 450 of those years are very similar so I'm willing to say it will fit.


this is the reply i got from the site support:


Kayla (ktm-parts.com Customer Support)

Oct 29 14:11 (EDT)

Unfortunately, we do not have the capability to see all information in regards to the European model. This means that I cannot provide you with your requested information. I know that this is an inconvenience, however we do not want to distribute any information that would be inaccurate. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Customer Service Rep


So, it seems I cannot get an answer from the site, so I'll go ahead an order the product.

thanks for the help.

I would order it as well. The European model is not going to differ from the US model in regards to the water pump.

Just a FYI I have the exact same pump in 450 with good results.

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