Pipe repair Recomendatipns

So I need to get some dents popped out of my 2001 oem cr250 pipe and the pipe restored to its original volume in a few spots as it was crushed in. The bike runs fine but there are a lot of dents and some of good size. My biggest concern is that the section of pipe that is from the cylinder to the first bend is distorted in shape as in now an ovule, the part that goes into the cylinder is fine.

Who can do this and is it worth it or should I just get another pipe?

Also once they repair it will it be more prone to dents as the metal fatigues?

Any advice welcome I live on the east coast

If you look down a couple threads theres a conversation about fixing pipes, called fixed my 125 pipe

I just fixed mine with compressed air and a MAP torch. Im not sure about it being easier to bend after repair but mine feels solid, no different besides looking better.

pacific crest pipe repair will do a good job if you decide to not do it yourself.  I am not sure if they will paint it for you but if they don't you could just get some high heat rattle can and do it yourself. 

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