OMA Moose Run (11-3-13)


How's the weather looking down there for this weekend?

I've been keeping a close eye on this myself, next two days calling for a pretty good rain. Forecast says sunny and mid 50s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Should have a few days to dry out, but the weekend weather looks like great race weather.


This is my first year riding so I'll be doing the Saturday fun run. I plan on watching the pros Sunday, but I'm nowhere close to fast enough to compete. Should be a great weekend!

I agree that the weather should be awesome for racing this weekend. I plan on doing the fun run on Saturday and racing on Sunday. If you see #196 on a Kaw. stuck on Sunday give a brother a Have a great ride!

That will be easy to remember! If you see a blue yamaha #96 stuck help a noob out! I don't plan on setting any records, just finishing in one piece.

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