67th Cowbell Enduro This Weekend.

Ever thought about trying out some off road racing? Or maybe just want to ride an awesome course through the woods?  Come out and ride the 67th Cowbell Enduro this Satruday, November 2nd. The event is held at the Middle Creek Camp Ground in Upper Lake, CA.


Here is the link to the event flyer.




And here's an example the type of riding you can expect every year at our event.




Spencer Streib


Trail Boss




Great club always puts on a top notch Enduro!  Head up and ride this event if you can, you won't be disappointed.

I had a great time at the Cowbell this Saturday. I blew the second check and I didn't realize how much I was talking to myself after that check. It was a good laugh for me this morning when I watched the vid.

I got myself back on time for the third check and the rest of the race went well. Some guy on the fire road got mad when I passed him and tried to race me. I left in my dust as soon as we got to the single track. I rode hard

for the last two checks and even zeroed the last one. Thanks Hayward MC for putting on a great race.

I'm blown away by the lack of dust in the video

It helped that I was the only guy on my minute.

I was third to the last minute on the line, so wasnt many people behind me.

The dust wasn't even as bad as stony.

The dust at the Cowbell was nice compared to the dust at the Jackhammer a couple weeks ago. Nothing gets the adrenaline going better than going down trail completely blind!!

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