Brought home another last night

Think I found a pretty good deal on yet another CR that needs rescuing.  It's not that bad, but has definitely spent some time sitting outdoors and has some neglect here and there.  (it was one of those deals where I'm looking at it, but not saying anything because the owners probably didn't have a clue)  I may have opened my mouth too soon and already have sold it to my girlfriends nephew, but either way, I would likely be assisting in the build, so I will be updating this thread as she gets rebuilt.


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Looks good on the outside, how does it run?

It may look ok in the cell picture, but the plastics are pretty pinkish and some of the bolts are starting to rust, especially on the handlebars and controls.  This was yet another bike I bought in the dark, so I haven't ridden it yet.  I will say it fired off on the first kick and idles good.  It does have a little more motor noise than I'm used to.  This is my first 02 plus bike so I'm not sure what's normal and what's not, and I also know about zilch on the RC valve.  I got it from the second owners, and they said they had never touched the motor.  I hope to dig deeper into it this week, but I have a race this Sunday so I need to be getting my racebike ready.


So far what I have noticed is that it needs the forks rebuilt, back spokes tightened, and shock bearings right away.  I'm sure I will check into the motor before the bike ever leaves the yard.

I gotta quit buying things in the dark! Went home and tinkered with the bike at lunch.  Took it for a spin only to reveal more issues.  I'm still not discouraged with it, can't wait to dig in actually, but more money will have to spent to get the bike right.  When I start the build, I will take lots of pictures and see what kind of disasters I run into.  For starters, the loose spokes are likely going to turn into a new wheel, spokes and possibly hub.  Wouldn't it be nice if previous owners could keep up with maintenance?  Wishful thinking I guess.

How much? I like projects like that but too many people are skeptical of your work and $$$ you put in when you try to sell and lowball you.

How much? I like projects like that but too many people are skeptical of your work and $$$ you put in when you try to sell and lowball you.


+1 on this, I have had my 450 on the market for a couple months now.  The bike isn't perfect but it is in excellent condition and yet all my offers have been low balled or they want to see receipts from my Ron Hamp rebuilt head.  Pisses me off.  I am just about to the point where I am going to not sell it.

Gave 1200 for the bike.  I'm no stranger to fixing bikes and selling them, trading them, or keeping them. I certainly don't buy them to make a great deal of money but I do try to pay for my hobby with them.  Usually I have a pretty good circle of guys that we all buy and trade with each other, so I kinda have a reputation for what quality I put out.  That being said, I wouldn't want to ride a bike that was half assed anyway if ya know what I mean. I don't think I will be hurt too bad on this bike, but it does need a few bucks spent on it.  Nothing like buying a "ready to ride" bike that needs 500 bucks spent on it before it ever hits the trail. 

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