whats a good price for a 950 superenduro?

New/ used?

New/ used?

new and a 13

The last year of the SE was '08. Limited number of '08s were sold in '09 as a "limited edition" model in North America. When SEs come up for sale most are 7.5k to 10k in price. Tons of options on the market for upgrades.

FYI. There's a nice '08/09 "Erzberg" SE for sale for 10.5k in Sacramento Craigslist right now.

My '07 with 18k miles and many mods will go on eBay this upcoming Sunday with a ~8k USD start price if you are still looking..

You can go to NADA nadaguides.com to get prices for many bikes. Also check cycletrader.com

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Not sure where NADA gets its pricing data but its wrong for the SE. Haven't seen an SE sell stateside or across the pond anywhere near the low prices listed in their guide. Cycle trader works for finding them like you mentioned, although I've seen more SEs show up on eBay and Craigslist stateside than anywhere else.

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