Damaged Push Lever/ Rod Yz250?

Hi, I'm new here. My clutch recently went out on me and I figured I would turn to some of the knowledgeable members of thumpertalk.

Two weeks ago I noticed the tension in my clutch lever fading and loosening up. I adjusted the cable WAY tight and something still didnt feel right. The lever was loose until almost hitting the handle bar, where the feel would get hard. So i laid the bike over and popped off the clutch cover. I inspected the plates and noticed some of the plates were chipping apart. (Basket and pressure plate looked flawless has a hinson) So i ordered a complete oem clutch rebuild kit and installed it last weekend. The clutch still felt the same. I popped off the ignition cover and the push lever moves up and down freely with no tension. I pulled the push rod out and noticed that the end that meets the push lever was pointed sharp (like it was turned off center on a lathe). I didnt have a flywheel puller on me so I couldnt inspect the lever. My bike is stored about 3 hrs from where i live so i cannot see it right now. I would like to have the correct parts ready to go next time I make my way out there to go riding. Im thinking about replacing push lever, rod, and mabey the throw out bearing just to be safe. Anyone else experience any similar problems? Any other parts that I may have over looked? Im going to be bummed if bI go out there to ride next time and I still cant get my bike to run right. Thanks for your help

Our yz85 has a two piece push rod with a ball bearing between them. If your bike is same setup, make sure that ball is there. Sounds like it's gone.

Cable could be frayed/stretched.


What year is the bike? some have the push rod ball bearing, while some have a different type of bearing. Also, check the actuator arm. Could be damaged.


Personally, if it was sudden, my vote is on the cable. It seems to be the only thing you haven't checked, and is fairly common. Update us on what you find

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