dr 650 rs electrical question

Hi, i have a 94 dr 650 rse with a 91 dr 650 rs kickstart motor in it which im having some issues with. Would anybody know if the generator off the rs would make enough power to fire a larger cdi, bigger battery and two coils as the rs had one in the harness. I have several issues, it seems to run well at low rpm but when the revs get to about 5000 it struggles to pull, also my battery has never charged propley. Ive already try alot of things, like a new cdi unit, new rectifiyer/regulator, ive rebuilt the motor with a new cam chain thinking the timing was out, ive tryed two coils off my friends dr, nothing seems to work. I have a suzuki workshop manual and in it there are differences in the outputs of the generator. Could this affect the ignition in anyway? As im running out of ideas. Thanks for reading.

Haha, answered my own question, i compared my generator with one off a dr650rse and found out that because i had rse wiring and two coils and the rs had one coil, i only had the windings in my genetator to run one coil so it was splitting the power between two. So ive just ordered one on ebay. :)

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