KTM 250 XCF 2013 speedo question

Hi, I have a KTM 250 XCF 2013, this model (cross country version here in Mexico) doesn't have a speedo with in, but I just got one (from a 250 XCF-W Enduro version 2011 main frame wrecked) and I'm installing it, I have been reading and looking everywhere on the web and it seems that my bike doesn't have the appropriate harness model to plug in... So I want to do this because I what the hour meter for my bike but I like everything OEM so, the MPH and wheel sensor is working but I need to know how or where to connect the 3 wire plug in order to have 12V voltage to the speedo in order to start the hour meter and orange back light.

If anyone have the electrical diagram to do this manually or if anyone know's how to connect this 3 wire plug to my harness manually will be much appreciated (the original 250 XCF-W harness burned out at the crash so It' gone)

Greeting from Mexico

Me again!!!!!! I already figure out.....

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