Hinson clutch basket on a 02 XR250R?

So I just ordered a Hinson clutch basket for my bike. I picked it up from Dennis Kirk for 80 bucks and couldn't pass that up. That, and I've been having some grooves start wearing in my current OEM basket so I was looking to upgrade.

My question is, I hear that they come with bolts that replace the stock rivets to attach the gear from the back of the OEM basket, but is there anything else that I need to know when replacing this?

I've got a brand new, in the box, tusk clutch kit ready to go in with this also, so I plan on doin all of this at one shot. The first race of the season is Sunday, and the basket comes in tomorrow, so any help/ tips that are needed would be greatly appreciated.

the rivets will need to be drilled out from OUTSIDE the basket. take your time doing this, you will be re-using the main gear and plate. Did the hinson come with a pressed in primary gear? If not you'll be pressing out the old gear and pressing into the new basket. instructions should cover how to do this with heating the basket, freezing the gear and pressing them together. I bought a wiseco basket for another bike recently, really not a hard job but make sure you don't damage (drill off center) the backing plate.

Don't forget to pre-soak your friction plates before reinstalling.

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