Crf 150rb without a top end or not

I was looking at a crf 150r b without a top end going for $300. I'm not sure if I should buy it because my dad and I are not dirt bike experts but we have a friend who can help us install a new top end. Please help on what I should do

What does "without a top end" mean?  Does it only need a new piston, rings, etc., or does it need the whole cylinder, head, piston, rings, etc.?  And is that, really, all that it needs?  If it needs too much, costs to get it running could run you up to what it would cost to just buy a running bike.  

It needs a whole new crankcase and an exhaust pipe

Crankcase? That's a lot of money to be spending. It'd be easier to find one that's running.

Thank you for helping me

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