06 Crf250 left side cover question

so when i picked up this bike the clown before me decided to paint the cover gold?? Now it looks like complete crap! any suggestions on what i can do to remove all the paint? sand it down? what grid?




You can take it off and soak it in 5w and it should just rub off with a cloth

I like using a wire wheel on a bench grinder for cleaning up stuff like that, it is fast and leaves a nice brushed finish, you can buy a bench grinder for $20 and a wheel for $5 at harbor freight.



Always wear eye protection when using a wire wheel, you don't want prickly wires in your eye.

The gold looks like the original magnesium color the older models came out with. Hard to tell for sure from the picture but it looks stock.

Your cover looks pretty beat up.

If you want to get it looking close to new you could take it in for a light pressure sand blast or use baking soda. Will be far less effort than trying to remove it by hand. Should clean it up properly and prepare it for paint.

Paint stripper might work as well, brake fluid also does a good job of stripping paint.

It all depends and how much time and money you want to spend.

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