2013 ktm 300xc vs xcw dual sport conversion

FYI-I have been contemplating and searching forums for months and am unable to find any posts directly regarding this.  Not sure if anyone can help with this but here we go.  I  plan to purchase a either a new 300xc or 300xcw and convert to dual sport/supermoto. My local inspection station will pass with dot regulations done to bike no problem.  I know this was briefly questioned before, but i believe for an older model. According to this review by Dirt Rider http://www.dirtrider.com/features/141_1201_300_reasons_ktm_husaberg/, the xc is faster than most anyone will ever need this side of baja racing. Worst case sprocket change that comes with supermoto wheels may be enough?  Anybody know the difference in top speed of two who has ridden them?  I will only be going 2-3 miles on highway from exit to exit. This is mostly a city commuter.  It seems the stiffer xc would be better suspension for road. Do not need a headlight or tail light since dual sport kits come with them. Any benefit at all to the 300xcw for city/supermoto riding? Thanks for suggestions.

The bikes will have the same top speeds if the secondary gearing (sprockets) are the same.  The only internal gearing differences are the lower 1st and second gears on the XC-W.  I don't see any benefit at all with the XC-W for city/supermoto riding.

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