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Looking for someone interested in analyzing dyno and pressure data

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Hey all,


For the last year, we have been collecting dyno and pressure data for forks and shocks.  We are looking for someone (a couple someones) interested in learnin how to analyze and document this data.  In other words, we are collecting a lot of data, and we need a couple of smart fellers to look at all the numbers and find a good way to document and present the info so it is quickly and easily understood by tuners. 


Unfortunately, I am too busy running the tests etc.. and am not able to devote the amount of time needed.


We will get you started by showing how everything works, and give you access to the dyno tests.  From there, you'd need to take the initiative and be willing to spend some time to fully understand what's going on.  This isn't for the fainthearted.  If interested, shoot me an email or PM.




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Maybe Push Industries would be interested in collaborating.

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