06 yz125 clutch cable/lever problem

Recently bought an 06 125.  Plan on keeping it for a while so I wanted to do some things to it.  Bought some asv c6 levers, clutch and brake.  Brake went on and works without a hitch.  The problem is with the clutch side.  Before I put these on everything worked perfectly normal on the stock perch and lever set up.  When I got the asv on and got the cable into it, it would not adjust the slack out of the cable.  My question is why?  Im only 18 and fairly knew to working on my bikes so I don't have a whole lot of knowledge on things..   The way the cable was routed was that the adjuster on the cable was up by the perch.  I thought these were usually down by where the cable runs into the case.  Do I need a new cable? Motosport said that the perch assembly would work with my bike, but is that not the case?  Im about to take it in to my local shop and just have them fix it, but im trying to save as much money as possible.  I posted this over on the Vital Mx forum too, and they said that it sounded like I needed a new cable.  If that was the case why did it work with the stock set-up?  I'd like to try to get this fixed by sunday, because there is a practice day at a local track and it will probably be my last ride of the season. 


Heres a picture


Throw the stocker back on and go ride!

Cable adjustment is off the barrel adjuster on the perch should be all the way in not out like that, use the locking adjuster on the cable to adjust slack. Then use the Perch barrel adjuster to fine tune the rest of the slack.

Throw the stocker back on and go ride!

That's what I did tonight.  Put the stock one back on, and most likely sending the asv back.

There is a whole separate adjustment on that cable you should try before sending that perch back. The one closest to the perch is for fine tuning once all the major slack is out of the cable. The other adjustment section is a little farther down the cable probably close to, if not behind your front number plate. There are two 10mm jam nuts (they might be under a rubber sleeve). Pull that sleeve back and unlock the jam nuts. unscrew the threaded part until your slack is gone while your adjustment at the perch is in as far as it will go. When its all said and done the lever should have about a nickles width of gap between it and the perch. Hope that helps. 


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