Huge clutch problem!

I recently had my ktm 250 top end rebuild and lower bottom end bearings replaced. My problem is that the clutch just isn't working when I pull in the lever. It runs and starts up rights way. And I did the heat cycle but if I pull in the clutch and shift to first gear my bike just lunges forward and stalls immediately and fast. Like the clutch isn't even working the slightest bit. Even with the bike turned off if I try to roll my bike in a gear while holding in the clutch lever it won't roll. I read a few discussions and some say adjust the cable, redue your clutch, the plates, or loosen up the bolts. Let me know what you guys think!

What year ktm? Cable clutch or hydraulic?

1996 ktm250 exc. Its a cable. 

Open the oil top and pull the clutch in and out to see if the plates are moving if not hold in the clutch and pull them apart with a swrew driver

Everytime i pull in the clutch many plates stick together and lift with the pressure plate. So what i did was tapped my clutch lever in and push the sticking plates off the pressure plate. Then i put a little bit of oil in a cap and dipped my finger in it and rubbed it on the plates best as a could. Then i put the cover back on and leaned my bike on its side to help the plates soak over night. (my clutch lever is still  taped in) ThinK this will work? I didnt want to take the plates out yet. I figured i would give this a try first.

Stick the screwdriver though the oil hole and light pull the apart you dont have to take nothing apart but your oil cap

Sounds like your clutch basket is notched and the plates are sticking in the notches. Have you taken the clutch side cover off and inspected things in there? 

yes i have but i really dont know what im specifically supposed to be looking for as too the basket being notched. and i tried seperating the plate from the pressure plate and it didnt do anything. My clutch still isnt working. 

i have a feeling you might be better of having a competant shop look at it. but if you think you can handle it then ok but im having my doubts just based on the questions your asking.  theres many thing that could be your issue. when they rebuilt your bottom end they may have forgot some parts, your basket could be grooved, plates might be pooched. first off make sure the cable is adjusted correct otherwise it wont pull the clutch arm correct. if that aint the problem then take off the small clutch cover. pull the lever and see how far its pushing the pressure plate and does the plate appear to be opening evenly. also look at the basket fingers for grooves. check the inner hub spins freely of the basket. check if the plates have any sign of warpage. check you have the correct number of plates and theyre in the right order.   if everything checks out good then try shuffling the plates and see what happens

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Everything is in tact, I the groves are very minor and the plates are good too. The problem I am having is that the clutch hub isn't moving freely. It's stuck with the clutch basket so I believe the washer that goes between the basket and hub is not in there.

sounds like you found the problem.  if the washer is not there i suspect the shop assembled it wrong. not uncommon as alot of shop mechanics arent much smarter than a monkey

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