2000 KX 125

I'm looking at this bike It's a 2000 KX 125. I'm a little worried because it a 13 year old bike. With a bike this old what should I be looking out for? Here is what the add said "Great dirt bike in nice,clean shape. Very fast. Got this on a trade but not going to ride it. Spare new tire and helmet included." He's asking $1100 for it. Is that a good price?





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1100 is a fair price for the bike based on the pic. If the engine is as nice as the rest of it and I was looking I'd jump on it. My brother has a 99 and a buddy has an 01 (that series was the essentially the same bike from 99-02). They love their bikes, I like them too. Seem to do everything pretty well and parts are plentiful and cheap. Good bikes and a good series imo.

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That's a good price I would say. I bought a new one in 2000 and me and a buddy double classed I borrowed his 250 he my 125. The only thing in two years I did was put a top end in it over the winter and normal wear items from racing sprockets, chain ,breaks. It was a great bike good luck!!!!

Looks ok , depends on the condition of the motor and gearbox .

A 12 year old bike is suprisingly pretty close to what you would get today. The only real differences over time was the evolution of the 4 stroke race engine but this is a 2 stroke. Suspension isn't far off, it can be set up to be better then a bike off the showroom floor. Looks like a clean bike for the money, I sold a 2001 for $2500 but I am in Canada as well. I think they're probably the best all around 125's of that era, they have a forgiving steel frame which doesn't rattle like the early aluminum ones and they're still pretty easy to get parts for. I'd bring it home if it was in good shape, put a piston and rings in it and ride it.

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