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California LE GP NOV 9-10

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Are you doing it ?????I apologize if someone already posted something about the Lake Elsinore GP but I didn't see anything...

Its coming up and although its not quite the same as the good ole days its still fun.


I did it a few years ago (seems im out on injury at that time all the time) and it was the first year it started in the Elsinore Storm stadium parking lot. I brought my trailer so I could sleep there and not deal with traffic..

Anyone hesitant to enter because maybe you think its an ironman hard as hell race , don't be. Its a very fast course that offers a few man made jumps and wide open riding... I actually won expert and I accredit that to having desert gearing on my bike which was highly needed....wide open for long stretches ..........

The only thing I didn't like was they had us cross the water inlet on the lake near the stadium which takes it toll on the bike.. and the fact that idiots like to barrel in and soak not only themselves but anyone in a 10' radius... total jack hole move especially when you see bikes stuck everywhere from staling out..

They had transponders as well which is nice.. all in all it was fun and getting to ride through neighborhoods,business and streets wide open waving to kids cheering from the comfort of there front yards was a cool experience..


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will kenshaw quote my post in here :thinking:

Dude even shows up in my private PMs... I go out to turn the generator on he's in the generator room reading my inverter manual... head over to the garage to work on my bike and he's sitting at my bench playing with my soldering iron... go in the house to talk to Yoda about dinner and he's telling her what we are having... call the dogs to take them for a run... and they're already half way down the road with Uncle Ken getting my mail... showed me a picture he carries in his wallet from his 3rd grade class  y0!.gif


You just can't get away from this fvcker !

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